Accessing NHS Talking Therapies Services

7th June 2024

Accessing NHS Talking Therapies Services

DRCS is a non-profit organisation providing specialist mental health services and NHS Talking Therapies. Our therapy service is based in and operate across the Derbyshire region, offering year-round support and benefits to the local community. Our team of therapists also provides a waiting list support service for other therapy providers across the UK. The NHS Talking Therapies, for anxiety and depression programme aims to support as many people as possible, through providing assessment and for those who are likely to benefit, a course of treatment.

How DRCS can help and support you:

  1. Rapid reduction of waiting list pressure.
  2. Cost-effectiveness compared to using agency workers.
  3. Full compliance with NHS Talking Therapies and NICE guidelines.
  4. A self-sufficient team with clinical oversight, risk management, and supervision.
  5. Ensuring the least intrusive clinical intervention first.

Additionally, we will work with the provider to ensure that we are able to analyse waiting lists and ensure patients receive the appropriate treatment pathway, enhancing outcomes and efficiency. All of our Step 3 Clinicians are qualified and able to provide NICE recommended modalities for TTAD services:

  • CFD
  • IPT
  • CBT
  • DIT
  • EMDR

All of our Step 2 Clinicians hold their Certificate in Low Intensity Psychological Interventions. With over 10 years of experience, our therapy service is tried and tested. 99% of all of our clients would recommend us to friends and family. Our ethos is to ensure that our clients are at the centre of everything we do. Our outcomes are consistently around 60% with reliable improvement at 75%.

Whether help is required in managing growing demands for an initial assessment, demand for low intensity interventions or an episode of care requiring one of our therapists to provide a course of treatment, DRCS can help you get back on track.

Predominantly we work with Talking Mental Health Derbyshire offering funded psychological therapies for people seeking help with their mental health. We are widely spread across Derbyshire providing a local service for all of our clients. For further information on how we could help your service, click here.

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